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+ Cease and Desist: What to do

By: Cam

Do you own a Simpsons website? If so, this editorial is for you. Did you realise that if your site has video, audio, pictures or any other simpsons content that Fox classify as "illegal" - you could receive a Cease and Desist order? In this editorial, I will guide you through the easy steps of what to do in the case of a cease and desist order.

I: What is a "Cease and Desist" order?

Well, a cease and desist is an order sent by Fox and Matt Groening's lawyers about certain content on a simpsons website. A cease and desist order is likely to contain the following:

  • A statement about infringement of copyright
  • Fox's expectations
  • Certain listed content that Fox demand to be removed
  • Legal threats
  • Whatever else Fox demand to happen to your site

II: What to do in the case of receiving one:

Firstly, don't annoy Fox with indignant emails and other such things - this is likely to make them angry and you don't want that. Secondly, read the cease and desist order very carefully and don't delete more than you have to. When you receive it, unless you feel like going to court or jail, delete all content that Fox have demanded you to remove promptly. Take down your index page and replace with a simple page stating "Closed Until Further Notice" and try to get all legal content back up as soon as possible or your site's fans will lose interest.

III: I don't want to take down my site - HTML makes me happy :-)

Well - you haven't got much choice unless you're a millionaire and can be sued many times due to a bit of unprofessional fun. I suggest to maybe donate your content to another site and still write for the other site.

IV: Secret locations, third floors and other such illegal sections

So you want to keep your site maybe at a secret location that you think Fox won't find. Well - it's not that much of a good idea because if Fox do find you - you could be in serious legal trouble. My recommendation would be to simply"CEASE AND DESIST" until further notice.

You can see an example of a real C&D orderhere.      

A list of some sites that have been hit can be seen here.


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