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Eye on Springfield:

Springfield Elementary

By Cam

With Seymour Skinner as the principal at Springfield Elementary, you have to wonder how the place doesn't get closed down. And that Lunch lady Doris, what's with her? Anyway, the school is all in all one of the coolest schools I've ever seen. With kids like Milhouse, Bart and Ralph how can it not be good? The elementary, however, would not exist without the careful guidance of Superintendent Chalmers. He may be a bit rough on Skinner, but he seems to fancy Agnes, Seymour's mother. One has to ask why. But no one would ever guess that Seymour himself was an imposter. If you ask me, I believe that the so-called “real” Skinner was the fake. Of course, the school's classes just wouldn't be what they are without pets like Superdude one and two. If the kids didn't get to take over sometimes and make Seymour write, “Skinner is a dorkus” on the blackboard, then the place just wouldn't be as fun. As for Willie, the Scottish groundskeeper, well it's hard to say whether he's good or bad. In some episodes he appears helpful. In others, though, he can be a little weird and sometimes even scary. Especially in an episode like “Tree house of Horror VI” or at the end of “Girly Edition”. If Springfield Elementary should ever close down, I don't know whether the Simpsons would still be worth watching. Without the elementary how could they make great episodes like “The President Wore Pearls” or “Bart The Lover”? These sort of episodes are what make the Simpsons absolutely fabulous. Do you remember the time Lisa made an enemy called Alison? If you ask me, one of the best episodes ever made. It couldn't have been done without Springfield Elementary.

So, in conclusion, Springfield Elementary has got to be one of the funniest, most important places in Springfield.


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