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The Simpsons and Gaming

The Simpsons and Gaming

By: Cam

Over the, what, fifteen years since the Simpsons started, creator Matt Groening had made games about the yellow, dysfunctional family. It started of with GameBoy Pocket and Super Nintendo and all the other old gaming stations and has now come to computers, PlayStation« 2, XBOX« and GameCube«. Games like the recently released Hit and Run are excellent and so are the old ones, example: Bart and the Beanstalk and Itchy and Scratchy Mini Golf, but I wonder if they ever thought of releasing a platform Simpsons game just about life in Springfield. For example, in Hit and Run you have your various missions, cards, gags and levels plus every other thing I accidentally forgot to write. It's entertaining and fun but what about everything the Simpsons and other Springfield citizens do everyday. Don't you think it would be fun just being a Simpson and doing everyday Springfield stuff. I'm hoping that one day Matt Groening and other Simpsons game organizers will see reason to put a game like that out. But what do you want in a game? If you were one of the game organizers, what would you make the game about? Another one like Hit and Run, although that is getting a little repetitive since Hit and Run and Road Rage seem alot like each other. Maybe the game writers are losing ideas as well. Maybe all the people writing and making the Simpsons are running out of ideas. It's a terrible, shocking thought, but it could just be true. I personally love Hit and Run but I still noticed it was too much like road rage. Again, the show and game freaks will not so much be freaks any more unless the shows brings back it's quality. If we're talking about the show, I'd say the earlier the season, the better the season. As for the games, well there are good ones and bad ones sprinkled throughout the releases. Also, I don't believe there are enough games out. But, if they really are running out of ideas, how can they release more? I'll leave you to think about gaming in the form of Simpsons. I'll leave you to ponder the topic.

I hope you've enjoyed the editorial

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