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Season 15

Season 15: Pleasing or Terrible?

By: Cam

Are you starting to feel  that the Simpsons has lost it's touch? This reporter is not saying that he has not enjoyed season 15, but he is saying that he hasn't enjoyed it as much as season 8 or season 3. Episodes like "The Fat and the Furriest" and "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" are fabulous, but, episodes like "Margical History Tour" are, well, boring. A good thing in this season, though, is the amount of guest appearances from Simon Cowell to Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of England! But still, the quality of some of the episodes could have been better. The writers may be losing their touch, I don't know. All I know is I'm not jumping up and down clapping and screaming when I see an episode from this season as I did with my favourite season - 8. I haven't seen some of the episodes yet but theyv'e been getting heaps of bad reviews - not a good sign at all. In my opinion, the writers seem to be running out of ideas and if they don't start to write better episodes, the Simpsons popularity will begin to slip. Already I know some simps-a-holics that aren't as mad about watching the show as they used to be. I thought this season was going to be one of the best from all the "great reviews" in the paper but I was well and truly let down. I'm hoping that season 16, if there is one, will be a lot better. So, in conclusion, this season is not one the you would run out into the street and yell "season 15 rocks" for. But it also isn't one out into the street and yell "I hate season 15" for. Kind of like season 14. On a one to ten scale - I would rate it 5.5

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