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Too Many Specials

Too Many Specials????

By Cam

When you sit down to watch a Treehouse of Horror or a Simpsons Clip Show, do you ever think that there may be a few too many of these special episodes? Sure they are good for a laugh every now and then but they get a bit repetitive. A Treehouse of Horror every season does get boring, you've got to admit. This reporter is not saying that the writers shouldn't do different episodes occasionally, example once every two seasons, but, let's face it, they're taking it to the extreme. I asked some people for their opinions on this subject before I wrote this editorial, and most of them said they don't like Treehouse of Horror or clip shows as much anymore. It seems you must start to run out of things to write about in special episodes since the main storyline of most of the clip shows is, well, annoying and silly. Some of the Treehouse of Horrors have pathetic storylines too. In my opinion, the writers should give specials a rest for about one or two seasons, then they might be as good as they used to be. What I'm basically trying in this editorial is that I think there are too many specials. I still enjoy watching them sometimes but not as much as I enjoy sitting down and watching something like Lisa on Ice or Lisa's Rival. The Simpsons all in all is excellent but the quality is, sadly, dropping. This began to happen towards the end of Season 8. Partly, I think, because viewers were getting bored with the overload of specials. So have a think about specials in the Simpsons and what you think of the amount. You may have a different opinion, who knows, but I stick by what I said before, too many specials.    

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