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Moe's Tavern

It's Friday night. You've just come home from work and your tired and thirsty. Most people would go home, switch on the T.V and fall asleep. The people of Springfield have an alternative.. They can you to Moe's Tavern! At Moe's, you can do anything you would be able to do at home; Watch T.V, sit down and drink mindlessly, play pool, and see drunken low lives start fights, and all while in the company of your friends!
Moe's Tavern has a full range of alcoholic beverages to offer; Duff, Düff (the Swedish alternative) and the famous Flaming Moe! *
Be amused by the range of novelty signs hanging on the wall such as 'Bartenders do it till you Barf'. Test your love skill with the famous Love Tester; are you Hot Tamale or a cold fish? Try the love tester for only 25c and find out.
See Barney Gumble, the famous boozehound ask for one beer after the other. If you fancy a cigarette to clam your nerve after winning that exciting pool match, get a pack from the vending machine for only $3. Many brands are available including Laramie© Extra Tars and Laramie© Jrs boasting a smooth taste and rich tobacco flavour with every puff you take. If you're lucky enough, you may even watch Moe get enraged over a prank phone call to the bar.
See Moe's secret Boxing office in the disused women's toilets, where Lucius Sweet once stood. Also, see the boxing gloves with barbed wire, originally called 'The Stinger'

Whether you're in town for a night, or exhausted after a tiring day at work, come to Moe's with all its qualities to give you the intoxicating substance which drowns out your sorrows and makes the day worthwhile.

*Contains cough syrup.

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